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Welcome! is a free Lambretta photo management and sharing application. It enables registered users to upload photo's of their Lambretta, pictures of Lambretta memorabilia and any other Lambretta related image.
Each registered user has space to upload about 30 images, once uploaded, each image can be given a title and description, images can even be deleted and replaced by a new image if the user requires.
Images can be uploaded directly to the relevant album/category or uploaded to a user album and then linked to the relevant album/category using the album/category keyword.
Registered users can create and name albums which are displayed in the User Galleries, post comments on other images, rate other images, send Lambretta image Ecards to their friends and use the BBcode below each image to display the image anywhere on the internet.
There is also a forum for this site were registered users can request images for a any category and post threads advertising their recent uploaded images among other things.
There is no need to edit or resize your images as this is all done server side when you upload an image. Please visit the user guides for more information about using this web site.

Many of the public albums show Lambretta's relating to the album category currently for sale on eBay. Alternatively, if you need a certain part for a certain model of Lambretta you can now see eBay Lambretta listings sorted into model categories at

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Below we have a playlist which contains videos from the Indecipherables Lambretta Collective (ILC) Grand Euro Tour 2017 YouTube channel.
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Below there are 3,225 files in 305 albums and 39 categories with 44 comments viewed 905,621 times

Category Albums Files
Pre 1957 Models
6 16
Series 1
3 23
Series 2
4 48
Series 3 (Slim style)
11 411
Luna and J Range
1 18
Lambro and Mopeds
1 2
Pre 1960
1 0
Series 2
3 24
Series 3 (Slim style)
1 8
All Indian models
1 96
All German Models
1 2
Dealer Specials
All Dealer Specials
Dealer scooters and dealer parts
2 84
Lambretta Sport
7 197
Circuit Racers
5 165
3 3
Time Trials
1 9
Grass track
1 4
Sand racing
1 2
TV Radio and Publications
1 13
Advertising & Literature
1 31
All other Memorabilia
1 35
Modified Lambretta's
Lambretta Tuning
Images of porting, trick parts and dyno graphs
3 31
1 17
1 80
Auto motor
1 5
1 2
Rallies and Events
Lambretta Events
9 654
1 17
User galleries
This category contains albums that Lambretta Images archive user have created
141 1,221
Facebook Uploads
Images uploaded to the Lambretta Images Archive facebook page
1 7

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